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HALOTHERAPY –adjuvant therapy in the treatment of respiratory disorders

SALTMED - Dry Salt Inhaler (Dry Particles Inhaler)

The natrium ionis responsible for::
Ø fluidification of the bronchial mucus due to normalization and quantitative increase of the serous layer
Ø activation of the ciliary movements ( this also occurs in chronic smokers, which present impaired ciliary motility ),thus improving the muco-ciliary clearance
Ø a decrease of the inflammatory edema of the medium meati leading to repermebilisation and sinus drainage

ð finely micronized NaCl (0.5-5µ) is easily inhaled and deposits in the upper and lower respiratory tract. *
ð then it dissolves in the mucus serous layer lining the airways
ð fluid from the interstitial tissue is drawn towards the lumen through a local increase in osmotic pressure thus decreasing the inflammatory edema and increasing the fluidity of the sol layer. The more fluid mucus is easier mobilized towards the posterior pharynx where is either swallowed or epectorated.

SALTMED achieves

ü a decrease in inflammation
ü an amelioration of the nasal obstruction,increasing the permeability of superior airways
ü a fluidification of the respiratory secretions
ü an amelioration of subjective symptomatology including sleep quality

Increases the life quality
Reduces the hospitalization days(relapses)

* It was observed that dry salt particules do not trigger bronchoconstriction.

The therapeutic indications are: acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory airways such as: otitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies of the respiratory airways, asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

There are not absolute contraindications.
However, some patients may complain of dryness of the pharynx (patients with A or E vitamin deficiency are at particular risk). Vitamin therapy and proper hydration usually solve this problem

These are not necessary in this case.

This device should be used under physician’s advice in addition to the adequate medication for the condition being treated. Usually, the treatment consists of one or two 30 minutes sessions per day.



The filtering cartridge should be removed from the storage package; the pump hose is to be attached at the inferior end and the mask at the superior
The filtering cartridge is pulled out from the package in which is stored with the drying agent. The hose which comes from the pump is placed to the inferior part and the mask is placed to the superior part.

ATENTION! The cartridge should be kept in an upright position while the device is used, in order to assure an airflow through the salt layer. This is neccesary in order to obtain the therapeutical effect.

Before first use it is recommended to start the device for 30- 60 minutes, fixed to a prop, so that the filtering cartridge to be in vertical position in order to eliminate any salt powder formed during the transport. Before use please check if the “boiling” process of the particle layer follows the starting of the air pump. This may not happen if:
· the air pump is out of order and must be checked
· the cartridge is moist (see *)
The cartridge should be stored in its well closed package along with the bag of drying agent (silica gel) in order to ensure the dryness of the cartridge after each use. If the humidity exceeds 60%, the inadequate preservation of cartridge leads to blockage of the particle layer and to the loss of therapeutic effect.

* Moist cartridge - place the cartridge in the maintenance package in the presence of the silica gel bag for 10- 20 h. Then, shake the cartridge in order to unbind the particles of the inferior layer and test using the air pump. The blue colored silica gel particles will change their color to pink over time; when this happens the cartridge should be replaced.
The device should not be used or stored in humid or dusty environments
The change of cartridge
The cartridge should be changed after three months following first use in order to achieve the optimal parameters.


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